Kingfisher post

Kingfisher post
reconnection to self

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Black Cockatoo feather i painted in Tasmania in March
Gouache on watercolour paper
8cm x 23cm

Feathers falling… lightness drifts…..drops……falling.........floating down.
Clouds covering blue shades and yellow hues.
Breeze……goosebumps on my back,
Soft touch….gentle…..sensual.

I am a canvas to paint myself……my life….
My colours… and my dramas.
Sometimes murky….sometimes clear……
Like a young bird learning to fly…I feel…..
I slowly start to soar….

into the pathway of my destiny.

My first painting on our travels
"Turtle Journey"
Gouache on watercolour paper
42 x 29 cm

Inspired after experiencing The Great Barrier Reef
Gouache on watercolour paper
42 x 29 cm

This Whale i painted about 4 years ago
Acrylic paint on canvas
30 x 40 cm

Where to start?

As I start this blog my two boys, Yarbirri & Kowunduh, and I are cozy and warm in the loving presence and home of our lovely friend Zee in Melbourne town. Outside the chilly days are rolling away as the magnificent autumn trees change colours and their faithful leaves fall.
We have been traveling in our old coaster bus "Ruby", since June last year and have been up as far as North Queensland to the ancient Daintree forest and Great Barrier reef, and as far south as the very southern point of Australia, Cockle Creek, Tasmania. 

When we first left I had a plan of where to go and what to see. It didn't take me long to realise that the best way to live in the moment was to have no plan and let the universe and our hearts guide us as we journey along.
So this has how we have been living and it’s just our way of life for this moment in time.

There is a passion inside me that has been there since I was a child and for most of my adult life has been put on the backburner while I’ve had children, bringing them up on my own and also running a business in Byron Bay, “Planet Corroboree” for the last 8 years. This creative force inside, my passion, is creating art. This has mostly been in the form of painting but since I’ve been traveling I’ve also been making mobiles, bracelets and earings  from natural found objects…. Driftwood……shells….seeds…..nuts and feathers.

What I love about what I make is that it has put me back in touch with the earth; for looking for these precious items, one has to look… see …what’s on the ground and in the trees…..and this brings me peace, connection, love and much happiness.

Kowunduh, Yarbirri and I

One side of Ruby

and the other

Connecting to culture

Catching fish.....a favourite past time